Join our campaign to found an ‘Albert Einstein Discovery Center’ in Ulm, Germany!

Albert Einstein: scientist, humanitarian, pacifist, genius, cultural icon, and Time Magazine’s “Person of the Century”! Even at the age of 17, he asked the question: What would light look like if he ran after a beam and could catch up with it?

As a scientist, Einstein answered this question and, over a 100 years ago, revolutionized our perception of space and time. From his famous formula E = mc2 to explanations of Brownian motion and the photoelectric effect – for which he received the Nobel prize in 1922 – Albert Einstein is Ulm’s most famous citizen.



Ulm - an Ideal Location!

Not only was Einstein born in Ulm on March 14, 1879, but the city is also a dynamic and creative scientific hub.

Innovative industries and numerous scientific facilities are located in Ulm including the University of Ulm (with its internationally recognized quantum physics institutes), Science Parks, R&D centers, and a City College. With this top-notch environment, Ulm is the perfect location for the Albert Einstein Discovery Center!



  • Awaken curiosity for physical phenomena
  • Help make science understandable
  • Provide insights into modern technology
  • Build a three-way bridge between the city of Ulm, the University, and the City College


  • Life and Times of Albert Einstein
  • Theories of Einstein in today’s technology
  • Quantum physics made simple
  • Interactive hands-on experiments


  • Permanent exhibition
  • Special exhibitions
  • School projects
  • Special events
  • Continuing education
  • Current research on e.g. quantum topics

* legal name: Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm e.V.